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Friday, October 21, 2011

Australian Minister For Foreign Affairs Summons Egyptian Ambassador For Talks On Persecution of Copts

Last Tuesday 18 October, 2011 The Hon. Kevin Rudd MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs summoned the Egyptian Ambassador H.E. Omar Metwally for talks on the situation in Egypt and the ongoing persecution of Copts.

It was made clear to the Ambassador the Australian governments concerns with regards to the escalation of violence and persecution against Coptic Christians in Egypt and their lack of protection. Clear messages were presented to the Ambassador that there needs to be swift elections in Egypt and a stable government in place in order for stability to return to Egypt. A unified law for places of worship that would not be biased in any shape or form must be implemented. There must be a transparent and independent inquiry into the most recent attack on Copts by the military.

We thank the Australian Government and the Minister for Foreign Affairs for taking this important initiative in speaking directly with the Egyptian Ambassador concerning this grave injustice against Coptic Christians in Egypt.

Bishop of Melbourne and its Affiliated Regions

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