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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Archbishop Freier offers prayers, proposals to ease suffering in Egypt

Melbourne’s Anglican Archbishop, Dr Philip Freier, today called for international efforts to assist Egypt’s transition to a stable democracy.

Archbishop Freier expressed prayerful support for the Egyptian people and for Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt and Australia.

The Archbishop and his assistant bishops offered prayers today for those who have suffered and died in Egypt recently.

“Our hearts go out to their family and friends. We empathise, too, with Bishop Suriel and the local Coptic Orthodox Church in their anguish,” Archbishop Freier said.

“We urge consideration be given to a UN Peacekeeping Force to assist Egypt’s transition to a stable democracy.

“We invite our Australian Foreign Minister to offer any diplomatic and emergency assistance to support the people of Egypt, especially as they confront risks to their hard-won pursuit of freedom, including religious freedom for minority groups like the Coptic Orthodox,” Archbishop Freier said.

Media contacts:

Bishop Philip Huggins, Bishop of the Northern and Western Region of the Melbourne Diocese and Chair of the Diocesan Social Responsibilities Committee

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