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Saturday, January 1, 2011

NewsFlash 2: Update From Metropolitan Pachomius

In a further call to His Eminence Metropolitan Pachomius he stated the following.

The number of Coptic martyrs is 17 and there are another 5 or 6 which are yet to be identified. All of the bodies have now been removed from the church and are with the coroner awaiting release in order for the funerals to take place.

There are also 58 Copts injured, some in critical condition and some are in intensive care.

May the Lord ease this pain and suffering of His people in Egypt.

Bishop Suriel


  1. Thank you for all the updates Your Grace! Please keep us posted as to how the Coptic diocese of Melbourne should voice their thoughts on this latest attack. Andrew

  2. An announcement will be read in the churches tomorrow

  3. Your grace,

    we heard that after the blast some Copts went into the mosque across the street and started fighting the Muslims there and vandalizing the mosque..

    If this is true, it should be condemned, this is not how Christ taught us to react and to behave, and it is in these difficult times that we have to stick to Him and His commandments more than ever..

    May He comfort us all..