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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Ecumenical Day Of Prayer And Solidarity For Christians Suffering In Egypt Held In New York


  1. Your speech was “honorably” correct Sydena I applaud your courage. Everyone that I met that day and I, admired your sermon.

  2. Sayedna, I had the blessing of attending the events of that day and I did not cease to tell all the people I meet about how powerful, courageous, just, wise and honest this speech is. Thank you!

  3. As eloquent and courageous as Your Grace has always been..
    Thank you Your Grace,
    The Free Copts

  4. Thank you so much everyone for your kind words. Let us pray that these humble words reach the authorities in Egypt and that appropriate action is taken to alleviate the suffering of our Coptic brothers and sisters.

  5. Dear Our beloved Bishop Anba Suriel
    we felt every word you said with your corageous powerful speech, we all wellcome you home in our hearts before we wellcome you to your physical Melbourne home. we missed you physically but never you were away from our souls
    Please Sydena let's work again to organise
    1. visit to Victorian Premier (as state Goverment just changed recently)as well as visit to both upper and lower state houses
    2.Visit to ACT fedral PM and both houses
    3. wellcome ceremony to counsil of all Australian and New Zeland Churches during this festive seasson to spread the word of calling peace to land of EGYPT
    we all awaiting for your kind wisdom and love
    pray for me may God forgive me

    Your Servant SON

    Ashraf Saddik

  6. Dear Your Grace Bishop Anba Surial,
    Thank you for the powerful speech. May the Lord continue to use you to bring glory to His Name and to better the situation of "My people, Egypt".

    Your daughter in Christ,
    Nermien Riad

  7. Dear Sayedna, Your speech really made me speechless. your grace described bravely what excatly is happening and how we really feel as Christians egyptians. May God use your words to ring a bell all over the world so that everyone knows the real persecution the copts are suffering in Egypt. May God bless your steps. waiting to see you soon in Melbourne.

    Pls pray for me and my family
    Erini Tawadros - Melbourne