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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

For Justice’ Sake

On this week’s Rush Hour, Jason investigates the worsening persecution of Christians around the globe, highlighted by the recent atrocities committed against Coptic Orthodox Christians in Egypt and terror threats received by four Coptic Churches in Sydney.

Join Jason as he meets a fascinating range of people who shed light on this saddening story:

* A priest at one of Sydney’s targeted Churches.
* The inspiring Coptic Orthodox bishop of Melbourne.
* A young organiser the massive rally in Sydney last Wednesday.
* A Catholic priest who has helped publish a comprehensive report on religious freedom.
* A Chaldean priest who was kidnapped and tortured for two weeks in Baghdad, and amazingly survived.

Christian persecution is a subject that all the faithful need to be informed about. Listen to this week’s show to get up to speed on this worrying phenomenon.

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