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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Visiting St. Mark Church - Washington D.C.

This weekend (22-24 October, 2010) I will be visiting St. Mark Church in Washington D.C. This is a very active church with many pastoral and mission activities. It is served by three young and energetic priests. This church also has a Coptic school that recently were awarded $500, 000 by Kohl's Stores. It is a great achievement and reflects the hard work of the clergy and strong congregation.

I look forward to receive many blessings this weekend and enjoy a spiritual time among the clergy, youth, servants and congregation.

I was searching for a rare book written by Yusuf Manqarius in 1913. Manqarius was the former dean of the  Seminary in Cairo before Habib Jirjis. After exhausting all avenues, I finally located the book in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Very Reverend Fr. Bishoy Andrawes was kind enough to assist me to receive a digital copy of the book which I needed for my research. The book is valuable since it discusses the history of the Coptic nation from 1893 to 1912 in much detail and includes many important documents and memorandums.

Thank you so much Fr Bishoy for your valuable assistance.

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