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Friday, October 15, 2010

St. George and St Anthony Church in Ottawa, Canada

On Sunday October 3, 2010 I celebrated the Divine Liturgy at St. George and St. Anthony Coptic Orthodox Church in Ottawa, ON in Canada.

It is a beautifully designed Coptic Church as can be seen from the photos above.


  1. Aghape Sayedna... Nokabel el ayadi... It is a beautiful church but I wonder why the bell towers are not symmetrical... I think that would help raise a person's eyes up to heaven better... Sayedna, I admire your personality and your service, from all the firm and strong reactions to tough times in Egypt to all the time your grace devote to "christianizing" the social media such as blogging and facebook as they become important and valuable tools in evangelizing and spreading God's word... Please keep up your grace's presence online as it is a guiding light within all the online things that can distract and take us away from God... Sorry for the long message, pray for me... Peter

  2. Hi Peter, thanks for your message. I am not sure why they decided to have one belltower shorter. I imagine it was to do with costs. Building Coptic architecture is not cheap. It is a very beautifully designed church with many useful facilities.

  3. sayedna, are you going to be coming to Mississauga for a visit since your Grace is in this side of the globe? I see from your Grace's posts that you were in Ottawa and will be in New York, how about Mississauga sayedna?

  4. Hi Rolla,
    How are you? I was planning on coming to Toronto area this month but my plans changed. I will aim for December. God bless.