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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dissertation Mentoring Seminar

This afternoon I will attend my monthly dissertation mentoring seminar. This includes all of the doctoral candidates who have completed their coursework and are working on their dissertations. It is led by one of the professors in the Religious Education School.

Each student gives an update of their progress, other students may ask questions about a particular research. Also, two students give a more in depth report of a particular aspect of their work.

The professor also gives very important insights and information about various aspects and pitfalls of writing a dissertation. The seminar is 2 hours in length.


  1. Sayedna I hope your dissertation mentoring seminar went well! I am interested to know if anyone had a question about your topic of research since I would think that Archdeacon Habib Jirjis wouldn't be well known by most, especially non coptic people

  2. Hi Nardine,
    Yesterday I only had a chance to comment on my progress since the last seminar. That is, how much work I had completed. But I am sure when I present some of my work in the future some students will have questions. Thanks.