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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Panel Discussion on ABC Radio Melbourne 774 Concerning the Uprising in Egypt

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  1. Whilst the Egyptian Revolution succeeded in removing the unjust regime and paved the way to real freedom, the change hasn’t stopped there, it only started. We now have a golden chance to contribute in this and help implement proper freedom and use it wisely. We can’t wait for another regime and hope they are going to be just and fair. There are many demands the Egyptian people are calling for and one of which is this; We – as Egyptian living abroad – claim our constitutional right to vote in all elections. We do not need to change the constitution, it’s already there.

    (Art.52: Citizens shall have the right to permanent or temporary emigration The law shall regulate this right and the measures and conditions of emigration).

    (Art.62: Citizen shall have the right to vote, nominate and express their opinions in referenda according to the provisions of the law. Their participation in public life is a national duty).

    All we need to do is claim our right back and insist on it. We are not quarter, half or three quarter Egyptians, we are full Egyptians and entitled to all our rights and one of which is to vote. There are millions of us all over the Globe and I’m sure our voices will make a huge difference.