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Monday, February 28, 2011

Egyptian Military Attacks St. Bishoy Monastery

This is how the Egyptian Military attacks our sacred monasteries with tanks and live ammunition fired at the monks and the workers in the monastery


  1. Jesus have mercy upon Christians in Egypt and protect them from these barbarian attacker

  2. Anba Suriel, why is it that the Christians are always pushed aside and never acknowledged while the muslim community are getting away with whatever they please (especially in this case with the military)? It makes me cry because innocent Christians are targets and in need of basic himan rights, and yet the world ignores them.. I couldn't stop my tears when I saw this video... why? Why are they doing this to simple, God fearing and Loving Monks? ...I really hope that through our prayers and fasting for Lent now, God will protect His Beloved...

  3. what freedom is this?? I thought the military was supposed to protect its people, the only protection we have is Jesus.I just dont beleive after all the protests for egypt being civilized country and that they want to live on as brothers and sisters... the military has spoken its words.. I beleive St Bishoy will stand up and teach these people a decent lesson

  4. I am deeply saddened by this and was uninformed. In this world and the world to come--the Lord will judge every single soul accordingly. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught us a lesson while He was being tortured by the sinful actions of his persecutors, which includes us when we sin...the Lord Jesus said, "Forgive Father, because they do not know what they are doing..." These attackers, as in the past and present, have no idea what they are doing. It is the influence of Satan and their weakness to fulfill his desires. Let us be careful not to be like this. Let us beg our Lord Jesus Christ for mercy, forgiveness and love and to strengthen us that we may be like Him. How can we survive when we witness these atrocities, unless we beg and pray to our Savior? We are driven to anger when we see this detestable behavior and a thin line of holy anger and unholy anger is compromised. I hope and pray that the tears that we shed will be tears of repentance on behalf of ourselves and the persecutors. Your Grace Anba Suriel, please pray for us and thank You holy father for Your holy service, along with sharing this media-please pray for us.